In a world full of responsibilities and duties sometimes it’s nice to let off some steam. We all have times in our life when we just want to leave all of our worries behind by having a high intensity workout (Of course, what else did you think I would suggest?) A Forge workout is by far one of the best tools that you have in your arsenal to disconnect and leave all of your stress and worries behind.

For the vast majority, time spent training either in the gym or in their own training zone at home, is completely separate from how they live their lives outside of it. A workout is about breaking down barriers….getting us strong and keeping us strong. However when the workout is done, its back to our comfort zone. There is a void between momentary expressions of primal instincts and the other hours of more passive behaviour. Now I am not saying we should walk around like Neanderthals and be outwardly aggressive for no reason…that’s just anti social. But why leave the attributes that helps us bring our physical performance to new levels….in the gym. Why not take those very same habits and attributes and apply to all aspects of our lives?

So how do we bring it all together Jay?

1. Accept and acknowledge resistance.

Anything worth having is going to come with sacrifices to be made. You want to get fit? You better get used to sweat and soreness and this applies to most worthwhile things in life. You need to comfortable with being uncomfortable. That feeling of discomfort is not a sign to give up, its a call to prepare to dig deep and eliminate excuses

Mentality is everything

2. Get your mind in shape.

Mind and body compliment each other. What goes on in your head has a great impact on how you execute your workout. I cannot count the amount of times when I’ve felt like I cannot do another set or rep, then something will trigger in my head which helps me regain my focus and I get back on my grind again. It’s very simple….what you think…your thoughts, have to support your actions. You cannot and shouldn’t keep saying to yourself ‘I can’t’ at the very least say ‘I am going to try my utmost best’.
This should be applied as much as humanly possible to all other aspects of your existence…We all have goals outside of the realm of fitness. Whether it be concerning careers, education or family life. And they should be approached with the right mindset to get your best results. All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts.

3.There no such thing as luck.

Obviously some people are more gifted, fortunate or blessed than others, this is a fact of life. However even for those apparently lucky people there can be found stories of sacrifices, struggle and strife on their journey to achieving their goals. The impatient often perceive the result of incremental progress as luck and the following statement is often uttered ‘he or she is so lucky,…….’ followed by some reason (which is normally a covert excuse to justify not making effort). There is no way you can go up to a triathlete and say his or her success in down to just luck. I wouldn’t be surprise if that was taken offensively.

4. Go to work.

At the end of the day the only thing that matters is action … Your daily pursuit! For both your workout and life, results are strongly correlated to the effort you make. So this means you’re not doing the work, if you’re not hustling hard, and you’ll never be truly satisfied with your life or your body.

3. Embrace failure.

The feeling a failure is not nice at all. I actually hate that feeling and I’m still figuring out a way to deal with it without looking like John McEnroe … remember him?
For me the pain of not completing a workout is more than the pain of the workout…weird? I know. However, it happens and from all that figuring out how to deal with failure, there is one important thing I have gathered…its all about what you do afterwards. There are a few common disempowering responses to failure:-

1. To moan and quit
2. To blame others
3. To make excuses

Cheat day

After my John McEnroe impression I tend the channel my energy in a more positive manner by:-
1. Taking a step back and analysing where I messed up
2. Devising a plan to get better

Doing this has a profound effect on my psyche. And although I feel the fatigue of having failed in the first place, I manage to bypass the type of fear that causes paralysis and stagnant behaviour, rather this motivates you to avoid experiencing that type of feeling again.
So now it’s time to end this heart felt post with an invitation to be confrontational and rush towards your goals in life just like you should be doing in your workouts.
Machine mode in the gym, machine mode in your day to day runnings.

Get strong…and Stay strong

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