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I enjoy answering your questions. Even the ones I don 't have an immediate answer for, because It provides me with the opportunity to expand my knowledge. Got a question on Forge functional fitness's Philosophies (I dare you to say that quickly 10 time!) or inquiries on other aspects of enhancement?
Perhaps you just want to connect and say hello (why not...not everything is just business over here)

Whatever you reason. Use this from to connect with and I will try me hardest to respond as quick as possible. I read all emails myself and so automated responses here! Just some genuine human interaction like it is mean't to be. I ask that you try to keep messages quite brief so that it is easier for me to respond to everyone in good time.

Some of the questions I get provide inspiration write blog posts and videos so don't hesitate to inquire. You can always connect with via Facebook and Twitter as well.

If you have questions about the "All you need is you" system, or have an tech issue, please email