Injuries aren’t nice and they can be a bit of a pain (excuse the pun). Those nagging pains in the shoulders, lower back or knees are things that hinder training, and if you are training day in day out, these things have a way of gradually leading up to bigger injuries.

As I have alluded to before, a Reset week must be included in your training program, to avoid injuries

However, during a reset week you are not going to completely rest. You must still stimulate your muscle just at a decreased level of intensity. The aim of a reset session is maintenance and repair. It’s very important to recognise that you are not trying to stimulate growth.

For some, reset sessions can be quite boring, especially if you are into pushing your limits … like me ; ) There’s no real challenge? Less reps, less weight. Boooooooring man! However, I would choose being bored from employing smart strategical rest, over being bored and immobile from injury due to misplaced alpha male enthusiasm (nothing wrong with try to be an alpha male).

But like my training in general…I need a degree of fun. And over the years of training I have developed different methods or means or solutions to make my reset week more interesting but still having the same benefit.

What is a diversity day?

On a reset week you would trains as normal, but with less weight, sets, reps and intensity. However diversity days differ, we take a break from the same repetitive patterns of movement (which can be a huge contributing factor to overuse injuries).

The important thing to bear in mind is this. The more diverse from your normal training programme you can get , the more benefit.

If you normally lifting weights whether it be your body or plates, try something different like swimming, yoga, bike riding … you get the idea.

What are the benefits?

The most obvious benefit is that you’ll be allowing those niggling aches and pains to subside before they turn in to a full blown injury.

Not enough importance is given to the amount of pressure that’s put on the joint via training, but its quite an important factor to take notice of (even more so if you dont engage in any mobilisation and stabilisation work).

stretching on diversity days during a reset week

By doing something different that your body is not used to, you are allowing different aspect of fitness to be addressed which a more balanced approach and leads to a more complete type of fitness.

So if you’re used to fast twitch explosive movements, there is no harm in slowing it down. And vice versa.

Another benefit of the diversity day that’s not be so apparent is the mental side of things.

Pumping out push ups, squats etc can get repetitive (again, excuse the pun), even if the training program is well-structured and varied in nature. A diversity day (or week for that matter) breaks the monotony and when you return to your normal routine you’ll find than you have a more enthusiastic approach.

So, what do we do Jay?

My approach to diversity days/week actually leaves me looking forward to the week ahead. I like planning a weeks worth of activities I’m going to try out!

.A typical diversity week comprises of alot of mobility and stabilisation type drills and shadow boxing and an increased focus on flexibility.


Mobility Sessions would include the following:

1. Foam and ball rolling
2. Hips and Quads stretching
3. Shoulder Mobility and stretching
4. Goblet squat holds
5. Scapula push ups
6. Resistance Band Exercises for Increased Mobility
7. Planks
8. Joint Rolling
9. Germany hangs (excellent for the shoulder flexibility and mobility)
10. Hand balancing
11. Isometrics

So that’s a little insight into what I have planned for this week which is officially my reset week after a month of sugar fasting and high intensity working out.

Have you formed any plans about how you will spend your reset week? Let me know in the comments below.

Get Strong and Stay Strong!

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