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Today I’ll be looking at something that we come into contact with every single day of our lives (I hope so anyway!) and has massive benefits both internally and externally. Water!

By the end of this post I want you to have a love for this most beneficial of liquids, and here’s why … the health benefits connected with the consumption of water permeates or effects nearly everything. Notice I said consumption, but please, please don’t neglect that it’s very good for keeping you from being smelly and destroying peoples nasal hairs. Water has so many benefits from your skin to your immune system. This is because water plays an integral part on literally every single chemical reaction that occurs in your body.

Don't forget to wash

Recently I saw a video about a female fighter who was using some very questionable ways to lose weight for her fights which resulted in an extreme level of dehydration so she was admitted into the hospital. She was so badly dehydrated they couldn’t even take blood from her body because her blood was so thick!!!!

When we look carefully and examine the various functions that occur in our bodies on a daily basis that keep us functioning properly we’ll notice that all of these functions depend heavily on water. So if you look at it from that perspective it highlights the extreme need we have for this, one of many, blessing in our life.

One of the most important functions of our body is detoxification, removing the toxins that enter our body mainly through our diet or through breathing. In order to get rid of these toxins, the liver and kidney play a major role, however the effectiveness or the extent to which this is done is hugely impacted by water. An image /analogy I like to use is If we don’t throw out the rubbish from our kitchens it will accumulate, decay, allow bacteria to grow, create a bad smell and make it impossible for us to continue using the kitchen. Regular cleaning of our kitchen allows us to work easily, comfortably and to make food that will promote health rather than damage it. Similarly the elimination of waste products from our bodies allow it to heal, function efficiently and remain healthy.

So envisioning the regular removal of rubbish and keeping the kitchen clean, drives home the concept of how we can assist the cleansing/detoxification process and water is a major contributory factor to helping the liver and the kidneys and all the other detoxification processes that occur within the body.

What does mean for fat loss and getting lean Jay?

My main concern with this blog is to assist you in the understanding and realisation that getting lean and losing fat is not only for the superstars or for someone else, its for you. Yes you. So as nice and as interesting as the above information is, I want to give you some real motivation to drink more water. As I stated before the health benefits are immense, and when it comes to the mission of losing belly fat, water is an indispensable ally.


This concept of detoxification is vital and should be a concern, because the increase of toxins in the digestive tract the more that your digestive tract is hindered from doing important things for example, the digestion of food, which is a common cause of belly fat and bloating in the abdominal region. Again I would like to refer back to the dirty kitchen, the rubbish that has been left for days maybe even weeks eventually begins to fester and rot, the same thing happens in your digestive tract! For this reason doing a liver cleanse can be a very effective way of getting rid of belly fat and bloating, as it eliminates waste from the digestive tract, so the food flows and does not get stuck.

Now, we normally drink water when we feel thirsty. That feeling of thirst has been put there to inform us that we are approaching dehydration. The human being has been perfectly designed with everything on auto-pilot for you to just take heed of the warning signs.

However, thirst can sometimes be a cause of hunger and eating despite the fact that your body doesn’t have a real need for food. This is because sometimes people get confusion by what that sensation really is. Test it yourself when you think you feel hungry despite eating an hour ago … drink!

You’ll start to realise the difference and the quicker you catch on to this the better … why? Because another great benefit is that water facilitates the fat burning process by changing/transforming all the stored fat on your body into ketones that can be used to fuel a fat burning Forge workout. You see there is a whole method to the apparent madness found in my fat loss workout program called Carve. And I hope you can share my fascination with the human body, fitness and all that jazz. Because you can create a climate where your body will provide, as fuel, the very thing you are trying to burn off in the first place … fat. And this is with just a few small lifestyle changes and adopting and dropping certain habits which will allow everything to sun smoothly. This whole fat burning process, again is heavily dependent on water.

So you know a post by me is not complete without giving some attention to working out. Since 75% of your muscle is water, when you are having a Forge workout that requires some focus and energy, due to sweating you going to need to replenish/restore the water lost. People who engage in strength training or any other weight bearing activities are going to need even more water than those who don’t engage in the same activities, simply because the sweat more.


SWEAT, a word that makes people go eeeeewwww with an expression of not being impressed. But that thing pouring profusely from our pores is a purely positive proposition for pulverising fat. Especially when induced by cardiovascular exercise that elevates the heart rate. Don’t hate on sweat … love it … get acquainted with it … its needed … it’s a good thing.

For some, it has a strong odour, but that happens when you detoxify (notice I said you … not me hahaha). Going back to the kitchen analogy, have you ever known rubbish to smell good. Also that smelly liquid coming for YOUR body (notice I said yours…and mine hahaha) is the way YOUR amazing body regulates it temperature. Not only are you losing water that needs to be replenished you are also losing toxins, but you losing electrolytes too (electrolytes are minerals that have an electric charge and they’re a significant component in almost ever body) so don’t forget to have water near by.

And although water does not have a thick and slimy consistency, it does lubricate the joints in your body. Joint pain or issues that are usually linked to the ageing process can also be associated with intake of water. For optimal joint health water is a very important factor, this is why you’ll see glucosamine is predominantly prescribed for joint issues as it enhances the ability of cartilage to absorb water. So as you age its a very good idea to drink more water than any other beverage. Consider water as the main transportation system within the body, a vital instrument in distributing and circulating nutrients throughout all the body.

Before I leave you I’ll tell you about one more great benefit of water. And this is the affect it has in our skin. Our skin is very dependent on water and when our skin cells become dehydrated we start to experience problems such as discolouration, wrinkles and general sagging or lack of vibrancy. And we see the amount of creams and lotions that are being sold to help revitalise our skin, when really the most important tonic that we can use to give our skin a healthy glow and improve its overall appearance is simply an adequate amount of water.

I really hope this little post has given you all a sudden thirst for some water. One tip, if you find it hard to drink a lot of water,  is to try filling a litre bottle each day and having a few mouthfuls every half an hour or so. Whenever your bottle is finished try filling it back up. You’ll soon be getting through 3 bottles a day easily.

Let me know how you get on. Are you already drinking enough water or is it something that you need to work on? Do you have any tips that will help other people who are trying to get into the habit of drinking more water? Please leave a comment below, and as always …


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Jan 16, 2017     

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