Passion is described as an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something.

If I reflect on my connection to keeping fit, I would definitely use the word passion .. in that I have an intense passion for fitness. I love keeping fit it’s a lifestyle for me which has brought me many benefits. Now I wouldn’t say I have a special story to explain my passion. However, in the very least I hope this blog serves as explanation as why I stuck at it so long and decided to make it my endeavor to help others lead the same lifestyle.

The benefits that I have attained from exercising such as focus, discipline, a place to release frustration, as well as some of the aesthetic benefits, has caused a strong love to grow for it.

How my passion for fitness grew!

I got my signs very early, that exercise was my thing. I have always been athletic and very competitive with it as well. I could run …. fast and this was something that caught the eye of teachers. It’s no surprise that one of the first to recognize it was my P.E. (Physical Education) teacher. The conversation went like this….

Teacher: Jason? When you are finish can you come in my office.

Me: (wondering if he caught me giving wedges) Yes sir.

Teacher: You have good natural strength… you exercise at all?

Me: (relieved) No sir not really…I do play football at break times.

Teacher: OK…you should do exercise. This is what you going to do. I want you to 10 press ups every day until the next lesson.

Me: OK Sir I will.

Teacher: Good, Oh yes Jason….I do have eyes in the back of my head. Leave people alone!

So eleven years old and full of beans, every morning I did my push ups until the next lesson. When I got in, I was so happy and ready to tell my teacher that I had done what he told me to do.

Me: Mr Ford? I did them…every morning without missing one morning!

Teacher: Ok tough guy….good. How did it feel…easy?

Me: (really proud of myself) It was quite easy sir I think I can do more.

Teacher: Good, do 15 everyday of this week. Then come back to me when you’ve done.

Me: Deal…erm I mean yes sir

So a new challenge and I was determined to reach that quota. The slight increase by 5 made a lot of difference, but I couldn’t go back to the teacher saying I’d failed …. I couldn’t! My daily morning routine had an additional task and it was the first thing I ticked off my list. By day 4….it was part of me now, it was standard behavior.

I really couldn’t wait to see my teacher.

Me: Sir….I di…

Teacher: Not now after the lesson!

Me: OK.

Teacher: (walking away with a smile, shaking his head).

That summer it was all about athletics my first love. I love sprinting, jumping, throwing, everything. I loved it all. When we finished our my teacher came to me and said, “I need to speak to you Jason, very important, I’ve got something I want to show you”

Sounded official. No one had been victim to the headlock patrol so I knew I wasn’t in trouble.

passion for fitness

Teacher: Jason, sit down son.

This teacher never told anyone to sit down … unless he was about to shout at them and didn’t want them to hurt themself when they fainted from the terror of the ordeal. So I am thinking very hard about what was perceived as naughty but was actually harmless banter, …….thinking….thinking….nothing.

Me: (sits down)

Teacher: Jason, look at this board. (he points to a board on a wall next to his table). These are the times and distances for different events. These are records that have been set and they have stood for 10 years and I want you to break them.

Me: (relieved) OK….how sir?

Teacher: Don’t worry just do as I say and I think we have a good chance of succeeding. Did you do the press ups?

Me: Yes …. it was alot harder

Teacher: OK, for the rest of the summer I want you to do press up and each week increase not by a lot but you must increase do not do the same amount as the last week.

Me: (Big smile on face) Yes.

That summer I broke the records for most of the events and received a golden shoe, hand made by some of the teachers. That whole episode left me very curious on how far I could progress and that’s where my passion for fitness grew and my journey began. I’d derived a few benefits from the whole thing. My body had changed and my performance … just from press ups!

intense emotion

That lesson followed me until my adulthood, and I’ve found that being healthy and having fitness goals gave me something positive to works towards. I find that fitness helps to instill discipline, self-confidence, determination and focus. And I can’t thank my old P.E teacher enough for encouraging me on that path, which is one of the reasons I like to help other people get involved in fitness. I actually enjoy watching people achieve the same benefits that I have. I believe that in order to obtain true happiness in life you have to help other people and helping people start on a fitness path or achieve their fitness goals truly makes me happy.

Please share your passion. Whether it’s a passion for fitness or anything else health related, tell us  what you like and how you think you can take things to the next level. Look forward to hearing from you.

Get strong, stay strong!

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