There are many different approaches on how to lose weight and build muscle, and many of them have their own merit. I’m not really one to say that my way is the only way, but I will definitely stand behind my approach as an effective and easy to maintain method.

My approach to losing weight is really to focus on the fitness side and leave the weight loss and muscle growth as a natural bi-product of your fitness regime. This is because I believe that we were built to move and hopefully move pain free and with no restrictions…to the best of our ability.

So this is my own personal approach that I use for myself and my clients…and it works.

Now I just want to spread the love. In my humble opinion, it’s best to deal with fitness from a functional perspective as this leads to health in a complete fashion and with longevity.

Jason, What’s “Functional” training and how to lose weight with this method?

So here it is, the Forge fitness definitive answer … Functional training is all about MOVEMENT.

Functional training is something that is geared towards enhancing your ability to execute the movements required during your day to day lifestyle. From the professional athlete to graphic designer or even a housewife they ALL have requirements of their bodies in order to deal with the specific rigours of their daily life.

Our bodies consist of a complex web which connect muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons and nerves together and they all work in unison to facilitate movement. Via social media, you can witness various types of sports and feats, which are all testimonies to the amazing capabilities of the human body. However, with all this capability it is still limited to 8 categories of movement.

These are:-

How to lose weight

Try for yourself; pick ANY movement and you’ll find that it will fall into one of the above categories/patterns, or maybe even two. Whether it’s kicking a ball, opening a door, picking up a piece of litter or doing some gardening.

So, because of this, I feel our approach to fitness should address this component of our existence.

Just focusing on developing only one of your body parts for a workout, ignores the true state of the human body and I feel is time that could be more efficiently spent. There are hardly any movements they we do that involves just one body part … so does it makes sense or serve they body to train in such a fashion? … No.

So what is the answer? Exercise which addresses and strengthens the patterns of movement common to all of us, as stated above.

I have found that when it comes to losing weight, building muscle and overall athleticism, a functional, full body approach is the best way to deal with things. The key being to address functional movement, as well as weight loss or muscle growth and by adding this component (functional movement) it will have a big impact on your health.

Focus On Performance, Aesthetics Will Follow.

I’m not going to say something silly like, “looks don’t matter” because I would be lying. I haven’t met many people who don’t want to look and the most common question I get is regarding how to lose weight. I would say that this is definitely the main motivation for clients I’ve trained.

Personally I like the effects training has upon me both physically and mentally. Now pay attention to what you just read…the EFFECTS training has.

Moving your body on a regular basis will have an effect on the way it looks and it’s a shame that this is the only benefit or goal that has been made our main focus, however your training does not have to be put together based purely on aesthetics.

Look at any sports person whose training is geared towards making him/her stronger, faster etc. You’ll find their bodies are aesthetically pleasing as well. This is the side effect of their training, but not necessarily their main focus.

This promotes a much more healthy and balanced mindset, as opposed to a narcissistic mindset which obsesses over how you look. This can cause self image problems and ultimately leads to unhappiness … you really don’t need to do that yourself.

By challenging your entire body as one piece, you develop your muscles in a way that is naturally aesthetic. You won’t have to worry about gross muscle imbalances like an over-sized chest with small arms. You won’t have to worry about doing abs exercises to get a six-pack.

You’ll find that you achieve the body that you’d been dreaming of without even realising it.

So that’s my take on how to lose weight and build muscle in an effective and realistic way.

What are your experiences with functional training? Have you tried this method of training? If not, why?

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