Those of you that know me know that I can sometimes be a little overzealous when it comes to working out. If I’m honest I do sometimes go a little too ‘all out’ because I do strongly believe that a good workout requires focus and dedication. But, although I hate to admit it, rest is actually equally as important as work.

Any complete training program will include strategic periods of rest. Because, quite frankly, this is when the body gets stronger. So, if you’re looking for a way to improve your strength gains, then the topic of this post should help you with that endeavour. Because today I will be talk about having a “Reset Week

What is a reset week?

A “Reset Week” is a when you reduce the intensity of your workout for the week. Sometimes that step backwards is what makes us advance quicker. So, quite simply, you reduce the volume of work you do.

So why should I reset Jay?

Seems counter-intuitive I know, surely we should be pushing our limits….that’s the Forge way, right?….Noooooo!

There are 4 Benefits to be gained from doing the occasional reset week:

1. Your body has a chance to recuperate. Let’s face it, if you are pushing yourself and serious about trying to be the best version of yourself, then you will be well acquainted with minor injuries. However, pushing through injury is not very smart and actually quite reckless. A reset gives your body a chance to  repair without lessening that work ethic.

2. Allows your central nervous system (CNS) to recuperate. Again if you are pushing yourself every session, over time you CNS will get battered and bruised. The constant exertion could lead to CNS damage. Not a place you want to be at. The reset week will save you from that experience.

3. Stops weakness developing. The signs of over training are many, if you are struggling to complete reps that you normally do with ease, you might need to tone it down a bit before chronic fatigue sets in. A reset week makes it less likely for your body to become over trained. You might even be pleasantly surprised when you come back and find that your strength, reps and endurance have increased!

4. Break through those annoying plateaus. Sometimes you need to give your body a shock. The same routine will not produce the adequate stimulation for change. A reset week is that reset button. After a reset week you will come back in Machine mode. Ready to take things to a next level.

Machine mode

Resetting is all about giving your body the rest it needs so that you can come back stronger!

Ok, you got me. So how do we reset Jay?

Ok, great. You’ve done the workouts now you need to rest, but it’s not as simply as just jumping into bed for the week (would be nice though, ey?). But here are few ways you can achieve you’re reset, without allowing your body to completely seize up:

Reducing the volume of your workouts – cut down on the sets and reps that you usually do.

Dropping exercises from your usual program – So you are good at some exercises but not so good at others. Concentrate on the ones you need to improve and leave the ones you are proficient at. So you keep the work ethic, improve your form but limit the strain on your body.

Change the exercises you normally do – Switch from bodyweight to elastics, from compound to strictly core. Using exercises that are close enough to your standard movements so that your progress is not hindered. For example switch to Australian pull ups instead of standard pull ups, this will engage and strengthen secondary muscles due to change in angle.

So that’s a quick overview of getting in a reset week and allowing your body to recover. I know those of you who followed the 30 day sugar fast program with me are looking forward to the 30th so you can officially declare the beginning of your reset week. I look forward to seeing you back on your grind again soon. Until then …


Rest your body during a Deload / Reset week


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