Hi everyone,

Today I want to explain just who Forge Fitness is for so if know that you fit the description I welcome you into the community and encourage you to play an active part.

Forge fitness can really help anyone trying to achieve goals whether it be in fitness or other parts of their life. It’s all about making regular improvements both mentally and physically. As I am a personal fitness instructor and have had a great love for most things to do with fitness for as long as I can remember, I do mainly help people who need to improve their fitness, in particular, those wishing to lose weight. I’ve worked with quite a few people who have had long term battles with losing weight and I find it’s more than just a physical endeavour, it’s about being driven and focused. And it’s almost impossible to help someone on their weight loss journey if they’re not mentally ready, so I like to work on both areas; the body and the mind.

So If you are a positive soul with the yearning to be in the best version of yourself, this is the place for you and I am happy you are here. I love being around and connecting with positive people whether it be in person or via email or some other means. I feed off the positive vibe and grow.

Those of you with busy lifestyles, who have many responsibilities and have become imbalanced in their focus and recognised it. I want you to give me permission to interject and enable you to restore the status quo.

Forge fitness`

The Forge fitness motto is:

Get Strong and stay strong!

And when I say strength, I don’t mean just physical. There is no use having a strong body but a weak mind and in most cases one is not attainable without the other. I want to strengthen the positive sides of existence and starve the negative until it either disappears or bears no significant influence upon your psyche.

Health and fitness should definitely be amongst the top things on your priority list. For me a strong and healthy body forms a foundation for other things to stand on, especially a busy lifestyle. A strong person can serve his family, friends and anyone in between to the best of their ability.
“If you always put a limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”
Like most people I am a busy person. I am a father, a husband and a personal trainer with a love for graphic design. I work hard and play hard. All of these thing keep me entertained and busy. But I don’t let them serves as hinderances to keeping in shape and achieving my goals. When people say there aren’t enough hours in the day…..I say ”There are, but you may be using them in wrong way”. I want to help people establish a balance and let them see it is possible to do all things they need, and to do it in a state of health, full of life and positive energy.

I like the people I work with to understand I am coming from a place of empathy, I truly understand their plight. I haven’t been there ….. I am there now. And I am constantly working on improving my level of strength and fitness. So I know what it takes, and I know the most effective exercises that give you the best returns on your investment of time and efforts, with maybe a little tears….just joking…..kinda.

I’ve helped people realise that a healthy lifestyle is something anyone can incorporate into their life even with just 30 spare minutes. I’m a self proclaimed minimalist and I bring this into my approach to fitness applying the Pareto principle of the 80/20 rule. People tend to think you need a plethora of elaborate exercise equipment to attain fitness and this isn’t the case. I cannot tell you the day last I spent money on a gym membership or over hyped equipment that serves no purpose but as a good conversational piece . I believe in simplicity, it facilitate continuous adherence and sustainablity. In other words, it fits so easily into your life, it easily becomes a part of your life.

Get strong, stay strong

The take home message I want everyone to leave with is that being strong is attainable for everyone! And I don’t mean in comparison to others. I mean being the strongest version of yourself.

The competition is you!

So welcome to Team Forge fitness. Remember – Get strong and Stay strong!

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